Aero Glass and transparency for Windows 10

Windows Vista introduced the Desktop Window Manager and the Aero theme for window borders, title bars and the Start menu. This theme is very beautiful. Windows 7 and Windows Vista came with a blur effect for the transparency used in the Aero theme. This glass effect got removed in Windows 8. Due to user feedback, it was restored in Windows 10 but title bars and window borders continue to use only flat colors. Today, we will see how to get Aero Glass and transparency for these in Windows 10.


BigMuscle, the developer who had revived the Aero Glass effect for Windows 8 using DirectX, has done the same for Windows 10.

To get Aero Glass in Windows 10, you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the official download page of Aero Glass. It is located HERE.
  2. Download the file under section "Aero Glass for Win8.1+". It is suitable for Windows 8.1 and above, i.e. it is compatible with Windows 10. I recommend you to download the file named "Installer (32-bit+64-bit Windows)". It will install Aero Glass automatically.
    Tip: Here's how to determine if you are running 32-bit Windows or 64-bit.
  3. Run the installer. Follow its steps until you see the following page:Windows 10 Aero GlassTake note of the checkbox at the top. It is called "Install Aero Glass theme". If you leave this option enabled, it will replace your window frame and title bar with theme resources which look like Windows 8 but have the full featured Aero look. This will make your appearance more beautiful. This theme supplied with the Aero Glass project has square window corners.If you do not wish to use the theme supplied with Aero Glass but instead wish to install a third party theme like the Windows 7 theme for Windows 10 which has rounded corners, DISABLE this option.
  4. After the setup program installs the app, Aero Glass and transparency will be turned on automatically. No reboot is required. The result will be as follows:Windows 10 Aero Glass in action

The application is not free because it is a significant amount of work to revive this glass effect. While you can continue to use it without paying, it will have the following limitations:

  • It displays a watermark on the Desktop.
  • It shows a donation request from time to time:Windows 10 Aero Glass nagware

The author accepts donations in Euros from you. Once you pay, you will receive an email. Visit the Support Page of the project for more details or contact the author directly to make sure you get a license key after your donation.

The Aero Glass app brings back the genuine Aero Glass appearance with transparency for title bars. If you loved this about Windows 7, then this application is your only way to get it in Windows 10.

Important note: use this only with Windows 10 RTM build 10240. If you are not sure which build you are running, see How to find the Windows 10 build number you are running. If you are running some post-RTM Insider build, you are out of luck.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

51 thoughts on “Aero Glass and transparency for Windows 10”

  1. BTW, maybe my personal opinion but if that Aero Glass deal ever gets cracked I will not be complaining.

    I always support innovators and compensation but to nag the crap out of you with a water mark and then give no specifics other than a donation with no guarantees.

    I HOPE it’s cracked and he goes out of business.

  2. The guy who developped this tool doesn’t understand what “donation” means. There is a huge difference between a donor and a purchaser. He is selling his software, that’s the truth.

    1. Nope, I’m not selling anything else you would not be able to download it for free, use it on unlimited number of computers for free, by unlimited number of users, for unlimited time for free etc. It’s only “haters” who do not understand it because this software does not work as they expect and they have no other option so they must complain still around :-P

      1. I can’t access your website. Get a server 500 error. How could I even purchase this app if I can’t get to your website?

        Is the payment PER MACHINE? If I want to install this on 10 machines I have to buy 10 licenses?

      2. DUDE…….. The ONLY FKING THING we want from you is to remove THE GODDAMN FREAKING WATERMARK!!!!!!!!!!!

        HOW IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!?!?!!?!?!?!????????


  3. DeviantART was on crack, but unfortunately this version is not nominated this glasspwn. In the previous version of Win 8.1, it worked, but nothing further happens with that and probably ended.

  4. I’m used to using Windows 10 theme without lateral frames only with shadow and color, of course, the title bar. It does not hide virtually nothing so průhlednostpostrádá sense. In Winaero Tweaker I’ve dropped the height of the title bar to a minimum and it’s cool. Better, this is it, but it is you can go for gadgets, then that person sees through the inside of the window, only to be set correctly. “”

  5. The main reason I didn’t upgrade to win 10 is because of that horrific UI and Microsoft’s new stance on dumbing down the PC with it’s shitty anti-custimazation ethos, that, and I already have win 7, arguably the best OS post XP…

    Installing shareware/malware just to remedy this is not an option, shareware is no different than adware in my book..

  6. The main reason I didn’t upgrade to win 10 is because of that horrific UI and Microsoft’s new stance on dumbing down the PC with it’s anti-customization ethos, that, and I already have win 7, arguably the best OS post XP…

    Installing shareware/malware just to remedy this is not an option, shareware is no different than adware in my book..

    1. While I completely understand wanting to stay on windows 7, know that with enough work, tweaking and gutting of the OS, you can get an even better experience than “7”.
      ( I had skipped “8” because it seemed useless and more geared towards touch screens )
      I only tried “10” because I just built a new PC and let me tell you it’s awesome.

      You should see my windows 10 it’s freaking gorgeous. ( Amongst a few other sites, WinAreo helped a lot to achieve that goal )

  7. Without Aero Glass and Startisback++ win10 sux balls. For startisback there are alternatives but for aeroglass?? cmon modders cmon. those win7 themes were awesome – we need these guys to start it on win10 again.

  8. I discovered big muscle when I upgraded to win8, his antics wore thin very quickly, I removed his program and lived with the win8 UI until 8.1 came out. Now, in the same boat with win10 I was ready to uninstall because of the aero glass issue until I found a solution that was up front and honest (not big muscle). I now have win10 exactly the way I want it with help from this site and Sergey Tkachenko. Thank you.

  9. I don’t want Windows 10 to look like Windows 7. I just want to add color and transparency to the title bar to match the task bar and start menu, without adding a Win 7 style transparent border. Is anyone offering or working on that?

    1. If you’re desperate, perhaps you could have a look at
      ? It’s not free, I’m afraid…

  10. How come my installation doesn’t look like the pictures above? The Inactive Title bar and more importantly the minimize/maximize/exit buttons look different from the pictures. ??

  11. Whenever I try to install this, I always get an error saying “Aero Glass does not know hoe to hook your version of DWM (0x2010). I’m installing the version for 10.0.18362 (which is my build). The borders are just completely transparent, almost invisible. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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