Add Favorites in Photos in Windows 10

The Photos app is a Universal (Metro) app which comes pre-installed in Windows 10. It is a Store app which is intended to replace Windows Photo Viewer, since Microsoft wants to make the whole user environment look and work the same on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PCs. However, interested users can restore the classic desktop app, Windows Photo Viewer. With recent updates, you can mark an image as a favorite. The Photos app will create a new "Favorites" album for you.


The built-in Photos app allows viewing images and performing basic editing. Its tile is pinned to the Start menu. Also, the app is associated with most image file formats out of the box. Photos offers very basic functionality to view images from the user's local drive or from the OneDrive cloud storage.

The Photos app automatically shows the photos and videos stored in the local Pictures folder along with files stored in OneDrive. The user can add a custom location to those folders. See

Add Folders to Photos in Windows 10

Note: At the moment of this writing, the Photos app which comes bundled with Windows 10 on Skip Ahead doesn't allow adding an image to favorites if it is not stored in the This PC\Pictures or OneDrive\Pictures folders. This will be fixed eventually.

To add an image to favorites in Photos in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open Photos. Its tile is pinned to the Start menu by default.Photos Live Tile In Windows 10
  2. Open an image. As mentioned above, the image must be stored in the Pictures folder as of this writing.
  3. Click on the heart icon on the toolbar at the top edge of the View page.Windows 10 Photos Add To Favorites
  4. Alternatively, yon can right-click on the image and select Add to favorites from the context menu.Windows 10 Photos Add To Favorites Context Menu

How to access Favorites in Photos in Windows 10

Favorites is a special album in the Photos app. It can be accessed from the main page of the app. Click on the Albums tab. You will see the Favorites album in the Created for you section.

Windows 10 Photos Favorites Album

From there, you can quickly remove the photos from Favorites. Open the album, right-click on the image and select Remove from favorites from the context menu.

Windows 10 Photos Remove From Favorites 1

Alternatively, you can open the image and click on the heart icon. This will remove the already added image from Favorites.

Windows 10 Photos Remove From Favorites 2

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8 thoughts on “Add Favorites in Photos in Windows 10

  1. Mohammed

    I can’t find the favorite album in my photos app, even though I already added some photos to favorite.

    1. kristin

      I have the same issue. Clicked some hearts to favorite my photos but now in the photos app there’s no favorites folder.

      1. Damain

        same. no favorites folder

        1. David Rusden

          The photos have to be in your pictures folder. Won’t work if they are in any other folder.

          1. Kath

            Thank you – it wasn’t working for me but my pictures were on my c drive in a folder, not in pictures. I had already spent hours marking favorites. I was able to copy and paste my folder to Pictures and it retained my faves and created the folder. Phew. Thanks!

          2. Alina

            Thanks! Save my day )

  2. Bryan Hoffman

    No favorites folder exists. Pictures are gone.

  3. Karen Baker

    I was finally able to find the favorties folder in my photo app. Now how can I copy them into a folder in my pictures folders? This shouldn’t be this difficult!


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