A new PowerToys app ‘Mouse Jump’ allows quickly moving the mouse over large distances

The Microsoft PowerToys suite is getting a new utility. Dubbed as Mouse Jump, it will significantly improve users' mouse movements on hi-res displays, ultra-wide screens, and multi-monitor setups.


The new tool is based on FancyMouse, an existing project that is promoted to be included in PowerToys. It  handles clicks of a hotkey or a mouse button that can be set in PowerToys' settings.

Once you call it, it will display a layout preview with all your screen(s) area. Click in that small preview where the cursor should go, and the app will take you where without doing centimeters of the display path.

Here's how the pop-up supposed to look.

On a modern laptop that uses an Ultra-Wide external monitor you could easily have a desktop in the region of 8000+ pixels wide, and that's a lot of ground for your mouse to cover.

What tends to happen is you end up swiping the physical mouse as far as it will go, then lifting, moving back to the start and swiping again - sometimes half a dozen times just to get to the other side of the screen. During this process you quite often lose track of where the mouse is and spend precious seconds trying to find it again.

The author has added the following description to his PR on GitHub.

Adds the core Mouse Jump functionality, a new settings card to enable / disable the feature and configure the activation shortcut, and includes some tests around the thumbnail sizing and form layout calculations.

The new tool is not the only new feature coming to PowerToys. There is a new Quick Settings-like launcher of the Windows 11 Style that should also see the light in the near future.

Via Deskmodder

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