Drag'n'Drop Editor

Drag'n'Drop Editor is the small portable application what allows you to change default behavior of drag-n-drop feature in the Windows Explorer. As you may know, when you drag file, the Windows Explorer offers you to move dragged item by default. You can change that with ALT,SHIFT and CTRL key modifiers but you can't change the default behavior. Drag'n'Drop Editor fixes it.
As you can see, the user interface is very simple. Just click on the action what you want to have by default. This will not affect keyboard modifiers for drag-n-drop, but changes keyboard-free action. You many choose between three availabe default actions:
  • Copy file
  • Move file
  • Create shortcuts

To restore your registry to clean state, use "Uninstall Explorer tweaks" button.

Drag'n'Drop Editor in action

The application works in most modern Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 8. I have compiled "native" versions for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Users of other Windows versions may need to install .Net Framework 3.5.

Download: Drag'n'Drop Editor

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jeff snyder | 08 Jun 12

Dear Mr. Tkachenko:

Thankyou for Drag'n'Drop.

I am using Win7 HP/64 SP1.

I an intermediate user (beginning relative to you) and new to Win7.

I installed it to my downloads data folder on my data hard drive, expecting to be able to run a setup file and install the program on my C:Program Files (x86) folder on my SSD.

I was never given the opportunity: When I unzipped the file the application file appeared.

How can I add it to my Programs folder, Start Menu, and Startup folder?

If I delete it and start over will that confuse my registry? Does it add anything to my registry?

Best regards,


Sergey | 08 Jun 12
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This is portable application.
You can put it everywhere you want and can delete it in any time you want. It is safe.
You can put exe file you have extracted on the Desktop and run software right from desktop.

LiaoBZ | 19 Jun 12

If only it support the right button drag-n-drop feature ,then it's perfect!

Nathan Speaks | 06 Nov 12

Hi Team,
I just reviewed some of your applications and am so happy seeing the features. Your hard works, innovations, creativeness ....etc are so appreciable. You ROCK!!!

Sergey | 06 Nov 12
Comments: 491


WRCS | 21 Feb 13

Great idea. Exactly what I need.
Such a pity that it doesn't work!

Sergey | 21 Feb 13
Comments: 491

Your OS? Please specifiy version and platform (x86/x64)

Guest | 04 May 13

I would like some more options.
- Completely disabling dragging files to prevent accidentially moving folders or files to another location.
- A control question (dialog box) asking if you really wants to move folders or files.

erngab | 25 Aug 13

In admin account work OK, in standard user account not work.


Jlottie9 | 11 Sep 13

Is the source code for this available anywhere. I am a student and I was wanting to see how you set it up to work with Windows Explorer.


trock | 13 Sep 13

It doesn't appear to be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. Do you have a version created for that?

Anonymous | 09 Oct 13

Many thanks! It made my day. Very helpful to me

Guest | 01 Nov 13

When using Windows 8 (Windows Explorer) on a tablet it happens quite often that one accidentially moves folders/files to another location.
Would be great to have a "switch" to deactivate drag and drop in Windows Explorer.

Another Guest | 07 Nov 13

Works well with explorer.exe, does not work (as expected I guess) with Directory Opus.
Nice program!!

Douglas | 12 Dec 13

Uninstall Explorer tweaks does not work. I tried all compatibility modes (Windows 8, Vista, XP). I want to try another solution, but cannot now. Registry changes aren't apparent to reset manually.

ZackS | 17 Mar 14

I am looking for a way where if a user wants to do a drag and drop it will stop and ask the user if she wants to move the file to the folder “XXXX”
Problem I have seen is users that release a file too soon and the file is moved to the wrong folder. And the user can’t find it later thinking it’s been deleted. It’s becoming more of a problem with touch screens.

So a normal Left Click with Drag and Drop gets a prompt asking.

ff | 18 Mar 14

Want something like Linux!

When dropping a file or folder to any location

a context menu will appear that let's you choose:

Copy Item
Move Item
Create Shortcut

Is it possible ?

Please let me know ! !


Winaero Lover | 26 Jun 14

My Windows is cool again , with the Winaero software ! I've download a lot of Winaero tools , and , I like the fact that they are very safe and portable , and the most important thing ; EVERY TOOL has a REMOVE option ! All I want , is a Winaero app , that includes ALL the tools , and also a one that automatically updates ! Also , to not confuse other users with download button in ads , could you please put the Winaero logo , next to EVERY download button , and make the download instantly , because I HATE going to a second page to download your tools ! Anyways , THANK YOU VERY MUCH , SERGEY !

gerwitz | 02 Jul 14

Is it possible to change drag-n-drop behavior in Word so left click will copy selected text without need to press ctrl

questorfla | 08 Aug 14

Is it possible to get this to either ASK for permission do whatever is being done if it involves a folder. We are having a huge problem with people accidentally dragging one folder into another inside a database repository.
This creates a huge problem. Using this as is to change the default behavior to create a shortcut actually does help but the ultimate solution would be to either inform the user hat they are about to MOVE a whole folder full of files into another folder and warn them so they could say NO.
Or better yet, a way to actually Lock the folder move permissions to where it could only be done by a system admin. This is on a normal Workgroup Setup, not a Domain, so there is no Domain Administration tools and none I can find that would accomplish this.

miike551 | 19 Sep 14

This tweak is just perfect! I love it! I would like to help, maybe this isn't a lot of help but I can translate this or every other of your software to spanish.

erik | 08 Nov 14

Looks like a great application, but a cancel option, or a confirmation option would solve a lot of problems with accidental actions.

Viljem | 09 Jan 15

wow, great app.

I agree, confirmation option would solve a lot of problems with accidental actions. Is this possible?

Sergey | 16 Jan 15
Comments: 491

Unfortunately, it is not possible

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