Capture Screenshot of Opened Page in Vivaldi Browser

Developers of the innovative Vivaldi browser today released a new snapshot of their product. Snapshot 1.7.704.3 from the new development branch represents the upcoming version 1.7. The first snapshot of version 1.7 comes with a new feature - the ability to take screenshots of web pages or even the browser itself.

Here is how it works.

Install Vivaldi 1.7.704.3. You can use these download links:

Launch the browser:

Take a look at the status bar. There, you will find a new camera icon:

Click it. The following dialog will appear on the screen:

You can take screenshots of an entire page (even outside of the currently visible area) or a selection of your choosing, including the browser UI itself.

Here is how the full screenshot looks:

The selection screenshot in action:

The browser stores captured screenshots in the following folder:

C:\Users\your user name\Pictures\Vivaldi Captures

There is no user interface option yet to change this folder.

Tip: you can take a screenshot of the opened page in other browsers too. See the following articles:

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