You can now send tabs to other devices in Microsoft Edge

The latest Microsoft Edge Canary build makes moving tabs between devices much easier. There is no longer any need to email tabs to yourself or send them in a messenger. Starting with Edge Canary 92.0.873.0, users can send a page to Microsoft Edge on another device using the built-in sharing feature.


To move a tab from your current device to another computer, all you have to do is right-click anywhere on a page or link and select Send Page to Name-PC. The same option is available on the address bar next to the QR code generator button. When your second device receives the link, it will show a notification, prompting you to open the browser with the shared page.

Edge Send Tabs

Sharing pages between devices works with computers and smartphones with Microsoft Edge installed. Keep in mind that you need to sign in with the same Microsoft account on all devices for that feature to work. Also, it is currently limited to a small subset of insiders in Edge Canary as part of controlled feature rollout. You may need to wait a bit longer before this feature finds its path to Edge Dev, and later to stable versions. It may take a few weeks or even months before Microsoft ships the page sharing between devices to all users.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft Edge is not the first browser to introduce page sharing between computers and smartphones linked with the same user account. Google Chrome has the identical feature called "Send tab to self."

Besides the ability to share tabs between devices, Microsoft is working on a new performance mode for its browser. Recently, the company provided more information about how that mode works. With Performance Mode enabled, Edge throttles video smoothness and reduces animations to preserve CPU, RAM, and battery usage. You can read here about how to turn on Performance Mode in Microsoft Edge. It is currently available behind a flag in the Canary channel.

Source: Leopeva64.

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