Working Control Center is spotted in Windows 10 Build 16212

As you may remember, when Windows 10 build 16199 was released, Microsoft accidentally showed a different user interface for changing commonly accessed settings. The feature is known as Control Center. A working Control Center is spotted in Windows 10 Build 16212, which has been accidentally released to some Insider PCs.

Microsoft accidentally released the internal build 16212 to some Insider PCs. Rafael Rivera was able to access it. He found out a working Control Center in this build.

Windows 10 16212 Edge Control Center

Control Center is represented by a gear icon in the notification area. This is the same icon that is used for Settings. When the user clicks the icon, the following pane appears on the screen:

Windows 10 Control Center Pane

Its appearance will remind you of Action Center. The same Quick Action buttons and controls are located at the bottom of the flyout. However, there are no notifications in this pane. Instead, there are quick links to various parts of the Settings app.

The Control Center is entirely customizable, allowing the user to change what shows up there, with additional options that allow you to reorganize some of the settings to your liking.

Microsoft may consider moving Quick Actions from Action Center, leaving it exclusively for notifications. This change is expected to be included in Fall Creators Update, which will be released in Fall 2017.

As of this writing, it is hard to say if the new pane is a good idea. Let's wait for a few builds and see how useful the Control Center can be.


5 thoughts on “Working Control Center is spotted in Windows 10 Build 16212

  1. Hitesh Saini

    Just the quick actions from action center are moved into a new control center. However, it looks good than those boxes…

    1. Hitesh Saini

      What is the video playback option in personalisation of windows 10 16212. Go here: http://сdn.sihmаr.соm/wp-cоntent/uplоads/2017/06/Windоws-10-build-16212-1001-PC1-516×420.jpg

      1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

        Hmm , I have no idea.

  2. cents

    It looks good but I thought the notification center is the central place for stuff like this? Too many settings in different places. We already have these in network icon, battery icon, etc…

  3. Dave Johnson

    Does anyone know how to enable this Control Center?


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