Windows Server Version 2004 is Also Available

Following the release of Windows 10 version 2004, the next generation of Windows Server has become available as well. Windows Server, version 2004 is a Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) Release, also optimized for containers.

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Here’s how you can pull the new Windows Server, version 2004 base OS container images from MCR:


docker pull 
docker pull 
docker pull

The Server Core container image is designed for maximum application compatibility so customers can modernize their traditional Windows Server applications. The majority of those apps are ASP.NET-based web apps. In Windows Server, version 2004, the Server Core container image no longer optimizes the .NET Framework for performance, which saves a lot of space. Instead, .NET Framework optimization (aka “NGEN”) is done in the higher-level .NET Framework runtime image.

Check out the official announcement

To learn which features have landed in this Windows Server release, check out the following set of announcements.


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