Windows 11 is getting improved window resizing, icons, and settings app

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Windows 11 preview build. It contains no groundbreaking changes, but there are a few notable things and quality-of-life improvements.

Improved window layout editor

Microsoft improved the app resizing experience. Now, instead of just blurring one of the windows on the monitor, the operating system overlays apps with a slightly changed blurred background and the relevant app icons.

Here is the current snap layout editor in the stable Windows 11.

Now it looks like follows.

You can check out the updated editor by snapping a couple of apps together and then dragging the border between them.

Updated Battery Icon

Here is a somewhat tiny change that will make life easier for those owning a Windows 11 laptop or tablet. Windows 11 now comes with a slightly improved battery icon on the taskbar.

A new spinner on the update screen

Windows 11 builds from the Dev branch use an updated loading spinner on the boot screen. In version 22543, the operating system uses the same spinner when installing a feature update (a new build).

A better Settings app

The Windows Settings app also received some love from developers in this build. Windows 11 22543 has an updated "Storage Spaces" page that matches the overall design of the operating system. It also includes advanced controls to directly change properties and volumes directly.

You can read about the rest of the changes in Windows 11 22543 here.

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently restored the ncpa.cpl command in Windows 11 to let users manage network adapters using the old UI in the Control Panel. It is unknown why the company decided to take a step back on its journey to ditch the Control Panel in favor of the Settings app. Some users speculate that developers encountered issues with the new UI, so they had to restore the ncpa.cpl command.


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