Windows 11 Build 22563 includes hidden Smart Clipboard and Stickers features

While Windows 11 Build 22563 doesn't include many novelties visible to the end user, it also comes with a number of hidden gems. Under the hood, it hosts two new features, Smart Clipboard and Stickers.


Stickers are something you may already recall. This feature has been already discovered by enthusiasts some time ago.

Desktop Stickers in Windows 11

Windows 11 Stickers

The most recent Insider build has a special editor for placing stickers on the desktop. There is a special area for editing them. Windows 11 system files include a reference to the DesktopSwitcherEditorWin32.exe process for that purpose.

The following video will give you an idea how it works.

As you can see, the user can use either Settings or the context menu to add a sticker. After that, the taskbar and desktop icons disappear, leaving the room for the editing area.

Windows 11 Stickers Edit Sticker

The user can pick one of the available stickers to place it on the desktop. After placing it, it is possible to resize the sticker or move it to a different location on the Desktop. Finally, leaving the editor restores the desktop interface along with the taskbar.

Windows 11 Select A Sticker

The user can later edit the stickers at any moment of time, or remove it. When in editing mode, there is a recycle bin icon to delete the sticker.

Windows 11 Stickers Edit Stickers Context Menu

Finally, when you change your desktop background, stickers remain on the desktop.

The Smart Clipboard feature

At the moment of this writing, Smart Clipboard is a placeholder and cannot do anything useful. I don't known what capabilities the new feature will provide. Smart Clipboard will be part of SmartActionsUX.

Windows 11 Smart Clipboard

What I guess (and would like to have) is the ability to specify custom actions for the clipboard content. For example, if the clipboard contains an image, open it in the app of my choice. Or run a script before pasting the contents, say to replace HTML tags. Something like that.

Such capability is available in Linux for years. It will be great to see it on the Windows platform.

Another interesting feature in Windows 11 build 22563 is the ability to manage Bluetooth devices from the Quick Actions. Also check the full build announcement here.

H/t @Albacore & @FireCube.

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