Windows 10 Version 2004 Has Got Certification for Bluetooth 5.1

Windows 10 '20H1' is expected to be released this Spring. Microsoft is currently polishing the OS, and releases minor fixes and improvements. Windows 10 '20H1' will get the Windows 10 version 2004 marketing name. One of the recent changes made to the OS is certification for Bluetooth 5.1.


Bluetooth 5.1 introduces a number of interesting improvements and new features to the existing Bluetooth stack.

The key features of Bluetooth 5.1

  • Positioning System - devices will be able to detect a precise location of a device down to the centimeter. This will be done by determining distance and direction for a device the Bluetooth signal is coming from.
  • Faster Connection - Bluetooth 5.1 improves available service caching for discovered nearby devices, so it will take less time and power to connect a known device. The improvements were made to Generic Attribute Profile, also known as GATT. With GATT caching enhancements, devices can skip the service discovery phase, preserving the known device capabilities.
  • Better Connection Advertising - Devices will randomize a announcement broadcast channel to less interfere with each other instead of probing radio channels subsequently. The connection will be more reliable and will be established faster at a place with plenty of Bluetooth devices.

Windows 10 version 2004

Windows 10 20H1 Bluetooth

Windows 10 '20H'1 has received certification for Bluetooth 5.1, bringing all improvements of the latest stack version to users' hands. Obviously, your devices need to have a Bluetooth 5.1 adapter to get them working.

Windows 10 is expected to get Bluetooth 5.2 features support in pre-release Insider Preview builds, to be included in the feature update coming after 20H1. It is currently known as '20H2'. It will also feature Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT), which is an improved version of the Attribute Protocol (ATT).

Source: Windows Latest.


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