Windows 10 S Won’t Support Bash on Ubuntu Console

During the Build 2017 event, Microsoft announced that in addition to Ubuntu, users of Windows 10 will be able to install SUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora console terminals from the Windows Store. However, this ability will be limited to "full" versions of Windows 10. The new edition, Windows 10 S, won't support this feature.
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As announced earlier, Windows 10 S, Microsoft's response to Google's Chromebooks, will only run apps from the Windows Store. In addition to UWP apps like Photos, Windows 10 S users will be able to install and run classic Desktop apps converted to Store apps with the Desktop Bridge. The Desktop Bridge codnamed Project Centennial is Microsoft's very own solution to wrap classic apps with Universal Windows Platform APIs.

Unfortunately, the Bash On Ubuntu feature won't work in Windows 10 S, according to Microsoft's Rich Turner:

"There are some apps that are not allowed to run on Windows 10 S, including all command-line apps, shells and consoles."

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He explained that tools and utilities which required the Linux console in Windows 10 S can't be sandboxed and do not fit the vision of the company for Windows 10 S, which is being touted as the most secure edition of the OS.

Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 S for special use cases, like a device for students. It is not clear why efforts are not being made to run the Bash console on this edition, because in the education sector, Linux tools are incredibly useful. Such restrictions may affect the popularity of the upcoming edition negatively, because even on an Android tablet, you can install busybox and access the Linux terminal.

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