Windows 10 Mobile will stay in feature2 branch, no new features planned

After once again separating Windows 10 Mobile development from the main development branch of Windows 10, Microsoft hasn't clearly stated its future plans for the mobile OS, leaving most of its users concerned. During the Windows Insider monthly webcast on Microsoft Mixer, company employees shared a bit of information about current plans for the platform.

According to their comments, the company has no current plans to merge OS development again, meaning Windows 10 Mobile will stay in the feature2 branch for a long time. As many have noticed, this branch is only used to deliver bug fixes and other performance and experience related updates. Since its introduction, no new features were delivered with Insider builds.

One of the employees also confirmed that the Night Light feature, which is added in Windows 10 to reduce eye strain at night won't be coming to Windows 10 Mobile in the near future.

Microsoft is working on another Windows 10 Mobile development reboot internally, aiming to bring the full version of Windows 10, but with an adaptable shell to mobile devices. Sadly, the current existing devices will most certainly not get it.

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Author: Roman Linev

Long time news writer, Microsoft ecosystem fan, Android user. Loves Japanese culture, photography and his cats. You can also follow Roman on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Mobile will stay in feature2 branch, no new features planned”

  1. A comment I recently read by a Microsoft employee described a culture of hostility between divisions there that extends to actual sabotage. It’s not hard to see that dysfunction at work almost everywhere in the company if you look closely.

    I suspect there is even more to the problem than that, illustrated with painful clarity by Stephen Elop back when he wiped out Nokia’s phone business with the disastrous Burning Platforms memo, somehow imagining the corpse would rise from the ashes with the magical infusion of Windows Mobile. When faith in a brand is erased, it doesn’t return just by introducing unspectacular new models, as we have seen. This self destructive arrogance is the new normal at the company now and it’s sad.

    On the upside, we do have Linux and that’s a blessing at least for some of us.

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