Windows 10 Cloud is a new Windows RT-like version

Last week, we learned that Microsoft is working on a "Cloud Shell", a new lightweight user interface for Windows 10 designed for low-power devices such as ARM-based phones and tablets. Today, more details have been revealed about this product.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley found the answer on what exactly is Windows 10 Cloud. According to her findings, it is a new edition of Windows 10, which will run only Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps which can be installed from the Store.

It looks like Microsoft is building a successor to Windows RT, which was discontinued after the Windows 8.1 era. Devices running Windows 10 "Cloud" edition can compete with Chromebooks, which means they will be feature limited. Like Windows RT, Windows 10 Cloud will lack support for traditional apps. Also, Windows 8.1 Store apps will not run on it.

This move is very strange, especially after seeing how Windows 10 runs on Snapdragon-powered ARM-based devices with x86 emulation. It was able to run a resource-intensive application like Photoshop.

There is no timeline available for the new edition of Windows 10. It may become available with Windows 10 Creators Update, which should be released in April 2017, but most likely, it will be announced with Redstone 3, the next feature update expected after Creators Update.

Source: Neowin.


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