Windows 10 build 9888 change log: What’s new

Yesterday Microsoft Windows 10 build 9888 leaked to the internet. I installed it and would like to show you what has changed in this build. I wouldn't say anything significant has changed or has been added, but some interesting things exist in Windows 10 build 9888. Let's delve deeper.

Desktop aka pain in the rear
If you activate the Continuum UI in Windows 10 as described HERE, and enable the Start screen instead of the Start menu from Taskbar Properties, you will see that Desktop is named "Desktop (aka pain in the rear)".
desktop pain in the rear
Is this some indication of what Microsoft thinks of the Desktop? Maybe because so far it seems that Microsoft is putting efforts into the Desktop just to please people who were pissed off by Windows 8. Maybe Microsoft's loyalties lie with Metro only as more of Metro UI lands on the Desktop. The so called Desktop resurgence is only lip service. Anyway, this image was offensive to me and it looks like a cruel, weird joke.

No password request on the logon screen when you haven't set a password
In the previous build 9879 of Windows 10, the OS always asked you for a password when you signed out from your Desktop session and wanted to log in again. Even if you had set no password, the password request screen appeared.
In build 9888, this has been fixed reassuring me that at least some bugs are being fixed if not all.

New animations
Once again, Microsoft has changed window animations for the n-th time to make them look more polished.

32-bit apps are indicated as 'WoW' in the Task Manager
x86 apps running on x64 (64-bit) Windows were indicated previously in the Task Manager by the text "(32-bit)" appended after their name, as the image shows:

This has been replaced by the text "WoW". The abbreviated name comes from Windows on Windows architecture:

Flat context menus for the taskbar
The taskbar context menu got a new look, now it is more white and flatter although menus still retain shadows:

zPC settings is now the default Settings app and has search
The PC Settings app and zPC Settings app from build 9879 have both been merged into a single app called "Settings". There is also a search box in Settings.

Offline Maps
Now the Maps app can work without the Internet. Maps will be available offline.

Updated Battery Saver
The battery saver app is slightly modified compared the previous one in build 9879, however, it is still incomplete.

Kernel version is bumped to v10
Many people expected to see the kernel version as 6.4. But in Windows 10 build 9888, Microsoft jumped to version 10 of the kernel directly.

Additionally, you can enable the Eva voice to try it out.

That's it. Please let me know if I forgot something.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

28 thoughts on “Windows 10 build 9888 change log: What’s new”

        1. Next time I will be in Windows, I will make a screenshot for you. Give me a couple of days please, only Linux PCs are around me right now :)

  1. Dear Sergey,

    Is the ability to turn off Auto Arrange/Sorting in File Explorer?

    It’s a feature most basics significant that I expected from NT 10.

    The auto-arrange/sorting is aggravate the users; not only extracting of ZIP/RAR packages, also during renaming filenames in File Explorer.

    I wrote here:

    If Microsoft will be allow to disabling Auto-Arrange (a Registry/Group Policy), I’m willing to wait. Not only me, many users would be glad. Search this keyword on Google, Bing, MS’s TechNet, Answers or any forums: “Auto Arrange”. Although there are many complaints, reproachs in the results, the Windows Executives haven’t cared about these all feedbacks and requests so far. Honestly, and now I still don’t presume that they would please the users by paying attention to feedbacks of them. My gut tells me “don’t hold your breath!”. I really really wish I was wrong about that…

      1. @Sergey:
        Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it.
        Also I will waiting a fixing full solution from MS. It shouldn’t be that making turn off auto arrange with a registry setting.

  2. The disturbing comment about the desktop has completely undermined any confidence in Microsoft’s credibility that I’ve been able to muster. How much faith should we have in a company run by people who apparently believe that serious work should be done on little tablets with touch screens? Perhaps they advocate big touch screens but either way, mice and keyboards are apparently stupid and outmoded? They are either a bunch of children with the big egos that children have or a single individual simply sneaked a bad joke into this one build. Even in that instance, a person so out of touch with reality being on the team does not bode well, nor does it cast a favorable light on their quality control. It’s very sad and disappointing that their usability mostly peaked with XP in 2001.

  3. Was hopeful for the changes and would have rather seen a movable dock like ObjectDock to launch my programs instead of the StartMenu.
    I kne that this wasn’t going to happen as well as the return of Aeroglass…
    However, any insight, hopes, thoughts on the return of Folders resize fix?
    ShellFolderFix hasn’t been updated since 2010 and doesn’t work so well with windows 8.

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