Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out with import and export for tweaks

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Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out! This release is very special for all users of my app. It is the first version to come with the most requested feature - you can now export your changes to a file and import them on another computer or after a build upgrade (hello, Windows Insiders). Besides this feature, there are tons of fixes and new features in Winaero Tweaker 0.8!

Say hello to the new Import/Export wizard! It is available in the menu under Tools \ Import\Export Tweaks.

It will allow you to review which tweaks to export to a file. You might want to exclude some.

The same is true for the import tweaks procedure. It is possible to see which tweaks will be applied from the file you are trying to import, and exclude some of them if required.

There are some important things you need to know about import and export of tweaks in Winaero Tweaker. Please refer the following article:

How to import and export tweaks you made with Winaero Tweaker

Other changes in this release include.


  • The tweak to disable the Extract All context menu uses a better method.
  • I've fixed a long-standing bug which made the "Open Command Prompt here" command default to Libraries. I also applied a workaround to prevent other custom context menu commands from becoming the default for any file system object.
  • The Selection Limit tweak now shows a request to sign out from your user account. It is necessary but was missing.
  • I've fixed tons of minor mistakes and made the overall source code quality much better due to refactoring I had to perform for the import and export feature.

New features

You can go to the desired Registry key with one click:

Once you open this page in Winaero Tweaker, it will try to extract the Registry key path from the clipboard to save your time!

Manage split threshold for svchost.exe in recent Windows 10 builds.

This tweak has been requested many times by Winaero Tweaker users.

Configure Lock Screen Slideshow Duration in Windows 10.

Change the screensaver password grace period.

Remove "Restore previous versions" from the context menu in File Explorer.

Remove the Pin to Start context menu command.

Remove the Pin to taskbar context menu command.

Remove the Troubleshoot Compatibility item from the context menu of File Explorer.

Disable Error Reporting in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


A new tweak to increase System Restore point frequency. This tweak will allow you to eliminate the default limit set to 1 restore point per day and create a new restore point every time you start your PC.

Download Winaero Tweaker | The list of Winaero Tweaker features | Winaero Tweaker FAQ

Feel free to post your impressions, bug reports and suggestions in the comments!

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

43 thoughts on “Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out with import and export for tweaks”

  1. Btw resetting to default “Navigation Pane – Default Items” gives an unhandled exception error:

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

  2. Thanks very much for the import/export tweaks feature. It’ll really help when I have a specific list of tweaks I always use on fresh installs, as often the tweak options get moved around or I just simply forget to enable some and only realize later.

    BTW, you said you made overall source code quality much better. I know this is useful mostly to yourself for development purposes, but do you have any plans to release the source code (i.e. make the tool open source)?

  3. i am using tweaker for several years, and i loved it always, now i probabely love it even more !
    You are my absolut favorit tweaktime !

  4. I really love the new export feature. I was always very difficulty, if not impossible, for me to configure dozens of computers the same way. This makes it much easier.
    Although there would be one thing which would make it even easier. Exporting the setting as a powershell script instead of an ini file. This way the deployment of the settings would be easier as well and you wouldn’t have to use the tweaker to import the settings again.

    I know it’s much more work to do it this way and practically means to implement the whole tweaker in powershell all over again, but i’m just saying. this would be perfect. ;)

    Anyways. Even the way it is right now is just great. I can finally deploy a predefined set of settings to a huge number of PCs in my company this way.

      1. Just in case you do.
        Powershell is able to execute simple C# code, so you should be able to extract your methods from the tweaker app and “simply” execute them in powershell. You don’t have to rewrite everything using cmdlets.

        Sadly you can’t extract the source code out of your method bodies via reflection in order to put them into a script.

  5. nice update, thank you

    but really could do with a remove pin to quick access in context menu
    and export all in the export tweaks wizard

    other than that excellent work


  6. Thank you for this great update, Sergey!
    Fantastic work with nice important features.


  7. Thanks. Much appreciated, especially the slideshow time limiter. Prevents slow drives from overworking their needles (rest state to active every few seconds can be very bad if prolonged).

  8. Hello Sergey, would it be safe to run WinAero Tweaker 0.8 on the Fall Creators Update or is it best to wait for a new version?

  9. > A number of tweaks related to advanced system appearance like “System font”, “Status bar font” and so on won’t be exported.

    Eaxactly what I was waiting for and what I needed the import/export for!

    Super disappointed… :-(((((

  10. When Export wizard creates filename, it (probably) uses system/user date settings. So it suggest me name with “1/11/2017” inside – but slashes are forbidden in filenames :) Of course, I changed suggested filename, but you can add some ‘filename sanitizer’ :)

  11. Not sure if “Disable Reboot After Updates” still works in the Fall Update, the option auto-disables itself when Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is restarted.

      1. Confirmed. There are new security restrictions applied to the task. You cannot disable/enable it any more. I am looking for a workaround.

  12. There is a problem when Quick Acces item in File Manager is removed or renamed – it starts pop-up for second time under This PC in Navigation pane or starts showing the Desktop. I can’t provide a picture of the problem, because I just reinstalled Windows to fix this bug. I want to rename this thing because in Bulgarian it’s very, very long:

    1. Thanks for the report.
      Can you tell please which Windows version you are running? I will try to reproduce the issue.

      1. At the moment I’m with Windows 10 1709 Build 16299.19. The problem is present in Windows 10 Creators Update too – all builds. I will be glad to provide you more information if it’s needed. Thank you for your fast response.

      2. Note: the problem starts showing after few refreshes of the desktop or after File Manager is reopened a few times.

  13. I’ve just reported to Microsoft that is time to fix this translation, but I’m not sure if they will do something.

  14. Hello again, Sergey, here’s a picture of the problem when Quick Access item is renamed:

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