What’s new in Windows 10 build 10049

Windows 10 build 10049 has been released and many people are curious to know what is new in this build. Well, here is a brief change log which will give you an idea of what Microsoft is working on. Read the rest.

The following changes were detected in Windows 10 build 10049 compared to the previous build 10041.

Internet Explorer
- IE will be replaced by Project 'Spartan' as the default browser
- The Edge rendering engine will be removed from Internet Explorer
- IE will be reset back to version 11.0.9600

project spartan icon logo"Project Spartan"
- "Project Spartan" is a new browser to replace Internet Explorer as the default browser
- Edge replaces Trident as the rendering engine
- You can now draw on web pages
- Comments can now be added to web pages (like Office)
- Reading Mode is now built-in for desktops
- Reading List is now built-in
- Cortana is now built-in
- IE is no longer a default pinned item on the taskbar and is replaced by Project Spartan's globe icon

software installer uninstallApps

Alarms & Clocks
- Alarms has been renamed to Alarms & Clocks
- The option bar has been updated with a new design
- The interface is now white by default


- More options are visible in the smaller screen
- Some buttons have been rearranged
- Number buttons are now shown in bold
- The interface is now white by default (via studio384)


1 thought on “What’s new in Windows 10 build 10049

  1. Shyam Reddy

    Apps in white background. Not sure if M$ wants people to buy or go away from it. Turning out to be scary experience beta testing. :)


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