Vivaldi 2.2 is out, here are the key changes

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Here is great news for all Vivaldi users. The team behind the browser released Vivaldi 2.2. It is a major milestone in its development history. Let's see what has changed.

The key changes of Vivaldi 2.2 are as follows:

  • The ability to save your tabs as a session.
  • Numbered keyboard accelerators for tabs
  • Quick commands to restore closed tabs quickly
  • Mute all tabs at once expect the one you right-click on.
  • Customizable panels
  • A search box in the Speed Dial/New tab page.
  • Access Keys enabled for web pages that support them
  • You can open navigation button menu items in a new tab with a middle-click.
  • Widevine support in Linux
  • Disable Google DNS services

Save tabs as a session

Saved Sessions allow you to save a group of tabs that you want to re-open later. These Sessions can also be renamed to help you stay organized as you start working with many different Sessions.

With this update, you can now create a new Saved Session from any group of tabs that you choose. First, select the tabs you’d like to include using Ctrl/⌘/Shift. Right-click any of the highlighted tabs to open the context menu. And finally, select “Save Selected Tabs as Session” to create your new Saved Session.

Disable Google DNS Service

As you may already know, Google's public DNS servers are hardcoded into Chromium, and Vivaldi is using Chromium as its rendering engine. When you are trying to open a web site, Vivaldi (Chromium) tries to access it using DNS servers configured for your network connection. If the connection fails, it tries to resolve it using Google's DNS servers: and, leaking browser's request to Google.

Finally, Vivaldi 2.2 includes a new option to turn off this behavior.

For reference, see

Vivaldi 2.2: Disable Google DNS Service

New Quick Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now access your closed tabs, and show access keys on websites that support them (e.g. Wikipedia). If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can assign them to these new actions too.

Numbered Menu Accelerators

As you may already know, Vivaldi offers a number of way to switch between open tabs.

  • Mouse clicks on the Tab bar, Window menu or Window panel
  • Filtering based on a search in Quick Commands or the Window panel
  • Ctrl+[Num] to jump based on numbered position
  • Ctrl+Tab (and cycle)—Perhaps with a cycler
  • Mapping a mouse gesture

In addition to them, it is possible to use numbered menu accelerators. With Vivaldi 2.2, the first 9 tabs in the Window menu have numbers, so you can use them to go to the desired tab quickly. Press Alt+w to open it and then type the number of the tab you want to switch to.

Customize the toolbar

It is possible to remove any button using the right-click menu of a control. There is a new context menu item, Cuztomize, that includes the new Remove from toolbar command. Using it, you can make the toolbar show only the buttons you need.

Mute other tabs

As you may already know, Vivaldi has a keyboard shortcut and a quick command to mute other tabs available from the foreground tab. Now you can right click any background tab and mute all EXCEPT that tab.

You can download Vivaldi 2.2 from its home page.

Download Vivaldi

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