UWP File Explorer has got new features in Windows 10 version 1809

As you may already know, there a new File Explorer app in Windows 10 starting with the "Redstone 2" update. It is hidden and has no shortcut yet. It is a modern File Explorer, a Universal app which could replace the classic File Explorer in the near future. Microsoft has added a number of new features to this app in recent Windows 10 version 1809 "Redstone 5" releases.


Windows 10 ships with mostly the same version of Explorer as Windows 8 except for a few changes like Quick Access replacing Favorites. However, Microsoft is making a new "File Explorer" app, which will be a Universal app like Photos, Cortana or Settings.

As of this writing, it is a touch oriented app, with no Ribbon or any shell extensions. Using this app, the user will be able to perform all the basic file tasks which are currently available in File Explorer. These include operations like move, delete, share, select and copy items, set their properties. It also includes the ability to switch to various views for files and folders the way the classic File Explorer app allows in Windows 10.

This is how it currently looks.

Windows 10 UWP File Explorer Version 1809

Windows 10 UWP File Explorer Context Menu

Starting with Windows 10 version 1809, Microsoft has added a number of new features to UWP File Explorer which can be seen in the latest Redstone 5 builds.

  • Drag and drop support.
  • Better right-click menu support.
  • Improved copy/paste system similar to legacy File Explorer.
  • New Cut option.
  • Can set images as wallpaper directly from the app.
  • UI buttons at the top instead of bottom of the app.

However, the app is still hidden in Windows 10 version 1809. See

How to launch the Universal File Explorer app in Windows 10

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to use this universal File Explorer on Windows Core OS (WCOS) devices including Surface Hub 2, HoloLens 2, and other modern devices. Work on this universal File Explorer has only really just started, so expect to see even more improvements over the next several Windows 10 feature updates.


2 thoughts on “UWP File Explorer has got new features in Windows 10 version 1809

  1. tinbin

    still a load of crap.. no dual panes ect

    i will stick with directory opus

    cheers tinbin

  2. Anders

    Microsoft finally dumbing down File explorer to “almost idiot proof”. Windows 10 1709 will live long as Windows 7.


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