The new Media Player for Windows 11 is now available in the Beta channel

In November 2021, Microsoft announced a revamped media player for Windows 11. The new app replaces Groove Music and Movies & TV. After a few months of extensive testing, Microsoft is ready to make the new Media Player for Windows 11 available for more insiders in the Beta channel.

The Media Player app in Windows 11 now looks on par with other apps that have already received a redesign. There are new fonts, rounded corners, transparency effects, improved media controls, better accessibility, etc. Another upside of the new program is that it now combines music and video in a single app.

Ultimately, Microsoft wants Media Player to replace the legacy Windows Media Player with the new app. Still, Microsoft does not rush to throw away the old player. The company knows how users love classic Windows apps, and for that reason, Microsoft will keep Windows Media Player in Windows 11 for a while.

If you use the stable version of Windows 11 and prefer to stay away from preview software, there is good news for you. Microsoft plans to ship the first feature update for Windows 11 in the upcoming weeks. The new version will focus on improving core features, such as the Start menu, taskbar, Settings, inbox apps, etc.

Also, Microsoft is getting ready to ship the first public preview version of Windows Subsystem for Android that allows users to launch Android apps on Windows 11. Do not expect Microsoft to let you install the Google Play Store on your Windows 11, but enthusiasts have already figured out a way to do that.

The first feature update for Windows 11 will soon be available for users to test in the Beta channel.

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3 thoughts on “The new Media Player for Windows 11 is now available in the Beta channel

    1. BMO

      I think the one last Windows 10 feature update they will release ahead to their End of Support, probably backported features (including the WSA) from Windows 11.

  1. SweSG

    I would also like to test the new Windows Media Player on stable Windows 11. But I don’t think it’s for me. I use AIMP and VLC for music and film. I’m looking forward to VLC4. I tried it a little bit. It’s a bit slow and not quite stable yet. I’ve never liked the old Windows Media Player. I’ve tried Groove Music and Movies & TV, but I don’t like them. I have a lot of music and Groove Music is having trouble finding metadata even though all my music files have good metadata.


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