How to add libraries to This PC in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

Today I would like to share a trick which will allow you to have a Libraries icon right inside the This PC folder. It is applicable to Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. I guess it should work in Windows 7 too, but I have not checked it yet. Having Libraries in This PC is very time saving for people who use the Libraries feature frequently, as it will provide just one click access to Libraries from the old Open/Save Windows dialogs which do not have the folder pane.

Tip: Enable Libraries in File Explorer navigation pane in Windows 10

In Windows 7, the Libraries feature was introduced which is really a useful way to organize your files. Libraries can aggregate files from several different folders and show them under a single, unified view. In Windows 10, the Libraries item is missing by default in the Navigation pane. If you use Libraries frequently, you might want to make them visible like in Windows 7. Here are instructions to enable them for Windows 10.

How to include UNC network folder paths and shares in Libraries

Ever since Libraries were introduced in Windows 7, you can't include folders on the network in a Library. When you try to include a network location, Explorer blocks it and gives you an error "This network location can't be included because it is not indexed." How then do you include network folder paths in a Library? Read on to find out.

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