Disable Run Dialog in Windows 10

How to Disable Run Dialog in Windows 10 and Prevent Users from Accessing It

The Run dialog is one of the oldest Windows features. Its current implementation is available starting in Windows 95, with some improvements made to it in Windows 10. The operating system allows you to prevent users from accessing it. It can be useful if you are a system administrator and need to apply extra restrictions to the user environment.

Start Apps Elevated From Run Dialog in Windows 10

If you need to run some application elevated, Windows 10 offers you a new method, which wasn't available in the previous Windows versions. Starting with Windows 10 build 16362, it is possible to use the Run dialog to start an app as administrator. Let's see how it can be done.

Fix Run does not save command history in Windows 10

I have several virtual machines with different builds of Windows 10 which I am using for testing purposes. One of my machines suddenly stopped saving the Run history. This was unexpected and very inconvenient, because I use the Run dialog a lot. Here is how you can fix it.

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