Three impressive alternatives to Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Every Windows 10 user knows that in this OS, Microsoft ditched the Windows Photo Viewer app and replaced it a less functional Universal app called Photos. In this article, I would like to draw your attention to three impressive alternative applications which can replace Windows Photo Viewer so you get back functionality, usability and speed.

Get the Preview context menu item for Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Some time ago, we covered how to get the Photo Viewer app back in Windows 10. While that trick works perfectly, the only thing missing was the "Preview" context menu verb in File Explorer. In previous Windows versions, you were able to right click an image in Explorer and pick "Preview" to see it quickly. Today, we will revive this option for Windows 10. The benefit of adding a Preview verb is that even if you use some other image viewer as the default, you can quickly open any image in Windows Photo Viewer whenever required.

How get Windows Photo Viewer working in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft made it harder to use the good old Photo Viewer app and forced everyone to use the Metro app called "Photos" instead. There is no way to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default to open image files since it is missing from the list in Settings->System->Defaults apps. The classic Control Panel also allows only TIFF files to be associated with Photo Viewer. Here is how to fix this restriction and get Windows Photo Viewer working again in Windows 10 RTM.