How to Fix Windows 10 using DISM

If your Windows 10 became broken, it can be related to corruption in the Component Store where system files are stored. The Component store is a core feature of Windows 10 which stores all of the files related to the OS grouped by components and as hardlinks. Some files are shared between two components and they are all hardlinked to the system32 folder. When the OS is serviced, the component store is updated. The Component Store is part of the Windows Imaging and Servicing stack. In this article, we'll see how to fix Windows 10 if it cannot be updated or if certain system components are damaged.

Clean up WinSxS Folder in Windows 10 with Dism

The WinSxS folder is the Component Store located in your C:\Windows directory where core Windows files reside including the bits needed to turn on and off any Windows features you enable from the Control Panel. Not only are these files critical to the operation of Windows 10 but when updates to Windows are installed, these files get updated. Every time you receive updates for the OS, the WinSxS folder dramatically grows in size. A commonly asked question by many people is "Why is the WinSxS folder so big?" Here is how you can clean up the WinSxS folder and reduce its size in Windows 10.