Change Taskbar Clock to 12 Hour or 24 Hour Format in Windows 10

How To Change Taskbar Clock to 12 Hour or 24 Hour Format in Windows 10

In Windows XP and Windows Vista, the taskbar was thinner and so only the time was shown by default on the taskbar. If you made the taskbar thicker, then it showed the date, day and time. But the redesigned taskbar in Windows 10 already shows the date and time.

Calendar in Windows 10 Has Got Reveal Effect

The Calendar flyout in Windows 10 has got a beautiful Reveal effect, which is part of the Microsoft's brand new design language, known as 'Fluent Design'. Earlier, the Settings app got the same effect for its front page. It is really visually stunning.

Get the old Windows 7-like Calendar and Date pane in Windows 10

In stable builds of Windows 10 like 10240 (Windows RTM) and 10586 (November Update), when you click the clock in the notification area/tray area of the taskbar which is usually in the bottom right corner, a new Calendar and Date-Time pane will appear on the screen. This change was made by Microsoft to adapt the old calendar function to new devices with touch screens. If you are not happy to use it and would like to revert it to the Windows-7 like calendar popup, you will be happy to know that it is still possible. Here is how to change it back.

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