Keyboard Opener automatically opens and closes the Windows touch keyboard in Windows 8

I know of many users who use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with a Start Menu replacement because of the changes they don't like in Windows 10 such as forced updates, removal of many settings and customization, privacy-intruding data collection or nothing much of value in Windows 10. However there is one improvement in Windows 10 for those of you who use programs and apps with a touchscreen: the touch keyboard automatically pops up when you tap inside a text field. With a simple free app, you can do this on Windows 8 too.

FIX: Windows 8 Touch Keyboard gets automatically enabled after reboot

On some Windows 8 PCs which do not even have touch screens, I have observed an annoyance - the Touch Keyboard automatically keeps getting enabled after every restart. Even if you disable it by right clicking the Taskbar and disabling it from the list of Taskbar Toolbars, its icon keeps coming back. Here's how to disable it for good if you don't need it.

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