How to pin any app to the left side of the Start menu in Windows 10

Pinning apps to the Start menu in Windows 10 can be really confusing even for power users. Unlike in previous versions of Windows, the "Pin to Start" command in the Start menu pins the selected item to the right side of the Start menu! The left side can also be used for pinning apps like in Windows 7, however, it is not obvious how to add apps there exactly. While you can customize the left area using the Taskbar Properties dialog, or drag an icon from the frequently used app list, you cannot pin apps to the left from the "All apps" list, because when you open All apps in Start menu, the top left area will dissapear, and you just have no place left to drag icons! Here are two workarounds I discovered to resolve this issue.

How to customize the Start list in Windows 10

The new Start Menu in Windows 10 is different compared to the good old Start menus from older releases of Windows. It now combines Live tiles for Modern apps, shows Modern apps in the All apps list and even allows you to resize it. It has a special area called the Start list in the top left corner which allows you to have one or more pinned locations above frequent apps. Here is how to customize the list.

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