How to click the Start button in Windows

The Start button is one of the hardest UI elements to use in the user interface of Windows. Invented in Windows 95, it is still the same for many years and has remained in the same position for eternity. Everyone familiar with Windows desperately wants to know how to use that button. In Windows 8, Microsoft tried to remove the Start button to eliminate the confusion, but users got upset and demanded its return. So the Start button returned in Windows 8.1. Today, we will learn how to click the Start button properly.

How to change the color of Windows 8.1 Start button when you hover over it

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduced a Start button (which they refer to as the Start hint). It bears the Windows 8 logo in white color but when you hover over it, it changes its color. Let's see how to customize this color if you haven't realized exactly which color to change to affect this color.

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