Windows 10 Rundll32 Commands – the complete list

Windows 10 comes with a number of useful Rundll32 commands which will allow you to open system folders, Control panel applets and various configuration dialog windows and wizards. They are very useful when you need to create a shortcut to some Windows feature to open it directly.

How to sleep Windows 10 from the command line

Recently one of our readers asked us how to make his Windows 10 PC enter sleep from the command line. This can be definitely useful if you are using the sleep mode frequently and want to create a shortcut to put your PC into sleep directly or via some batch file. In this article, I would like to share a working way to initiate sleep from the command line.

Quickly check for available solutions to problem reports in Windows 10

If a program stops working or responding, Windows 10 can automatically report the problem and check for a solution. By default, Windows 10 collects information that describes the problem. This is called a problem report. It can include the name of the program that has stopped working, the date and time when the problem occurred, and the version of the program that has encountered the problem. Sending a problem report allows Windows 10 to notify you if a solution is available. Let's see how to quickly check if solutions are available for problem reports.

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