How to hide drives from the Send To menu in Windows 10

The "Send To" context menu item is a very old command of the Explorer app. It might be familiar to every Windows user. Today, I would like to share a trick which will allow you to hide network and removable drives from the Send To context menu of Windows 10's File Explorer.

How to hide network shares and hard drives from the Send To menu in Windows 8 and Windows 7

The Send To menu includes a list of local and network drives available on your PC. If you do not use this feature, you can disable the hard drives in the Send To menu. It will speed up the menu a little and will make it less cluttered. Personally I have not sent anything to the local drive even once in my life, because I always send it to some subfolder. Let us see how to disable hard drives and prevent them from being displayed in the Send To menu.

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