Force System UI Language as Display Language in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can change the display language. For example, if you have a PC with an English version of Windows 10, but your native language is not English, you can convert the operating system into your native language without reinstalling. Today, we will see how to force System UI language as a display language for all users in Windows 10.

Microsoft Discontinues Local Experience Packs as CAB Files for Windows 10

Starting in Windows 10 version 1809 "October 2018 Update", Microsoft will discontinue language packs in the CAB format. As you may already know, Windows 10 version 1803, which is the latest stable version of the OS as of this writing,  has introduced Local Experience Packs, also referred to as LXPs. Local Experience Packs are AppX packages delivered via the Microsoft Store that enable users to experience Windows features like the Start Menu, Settings, and File Explorer in the language of their choice. In Windows 10 version 1809, they will replace the classic CAB file format for language packs.

Language Packs for Windows 10 are coming to Microsoft Store

New information has been revealed that Microsoft is going to put language packs in the Microsoft Store. This will allow users to download them exactly the same way they download games and apps. The standalone Windows Update package may be retired soon.

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