Edge Chromium Has Got New Tab Page Improvements in Canary

Microsoft today released a new Canary build of Microsoft Edge Chromium. Version 80.0.353.0 of the browser features a number of changes made to InPrivate browsing. The browser has finally got a search box for the New Tab page for InPrivate windows, and a number of other minor improvements.

Microsoft Reveals How Tracking Prevention Works in Edge Chromium

The new Chromium-based Edge browser comes with the Tracking Prevention feature. Intended to keep your privacy and prevent your sensitive data from leaking, it has its own implementation which is different from solutions in other browsers.

Microsoft Edge Dev 80.0.345.0 is out

A new build of Microsoft Edge Chromium has landed in the Dev channel, bringing a number of new features and general improvements to Dev channel users. While the sync feature remain disabled in this build due to unresolved issues, there are some important changes in Edge Dev 80.0.345.0.

Add or Remove Favorites Bar in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Add or Remove Favorites Bar in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge has recently switched to a new rendering engine, to the famous open-source Blink project which is used in most mainstream browsers. The browser is now Google Chrome compatible, and supports its extensions. today, we'll see how to turn on or off the favorites bar in Microsoft Edge.

Edge Chromium Introduces Insecure Content Blocking Feature

How to Allow or Block Insecure Content in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium has received a new feature. A new site's permission can be enabled to block mixed (typically insecure HTTP) content on a web site you browse. The feature can also be globally enabled for all web sites in Settings.

Enable Strict Tracking Prevention for InPrivate Mode in Microsoft Edge

How to Enable Strict Tracking Prevention for InPrivate Mode in Microsoft Edge

If you are Microsoft Edge Chromium user, you can now enable "Strict" tracking prevention mode for the InPrivate browsing. The appropriate option has become available with the latest Canary build of the browser.

Microsoft Edge 80.0.334.2 hits the Dev channel

Microsoft is releasing a new version to the Dev channel of Microsoft Edge Chromium. Due to a bug, this release comes with the sync feature disabled. The other changes include a couple of new features and plenty of fixes, which are traditionally made in the Dev channel releases.

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