Windows 11 deprecates the classic Speech Recognition feature

Microsoft recently announced the end of support for the Step Recorder and Tips apps, and now another app has fallen victim to the same fate. The voice recognition engine that was first introduced back in Vista, is now deprecated in Windows 11.

Windows 11 deprecates the Steps Recorder and Tips inbox apps

Microsoft has announced that two more inbox apps, Steps Recorder and Tips, are now deprecated in Windows 11. The Steps Recorder will soon be removed from the OS bundle. The same for the Tips app, but it contents will be regularly updated until the app is removed.

Microsoft deprecates these 3 features for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft has updated the documentation for Windows 10 and Windows 11, marking three functions of the operating systems as obsolete. The Computer Browser service, Webclient Service (WebDAV) and Remote Mailslots are now deprecated. This means that active development of these features has ceased, but they still remain available in Windows 11/10.

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