See which Windows 10 version, build and edition iso file contains

How to see which Windows 10 version, build and edition an iso file contains.

If you have an ISO file whose name gives you no idea about which build number, edition and supported platform is contained in it, here is a quick tip. Using the information from this article, you will be able to detect which Windows version is included in the selected file.

How to find chkdsk results in Windows 10

Sometimes, when you start your Windows 10 PC, a disk check automatically starts. A special built-in tool, chkdsk, performs the file system check for errors. Once Windows has booted, the user can run chkdsk manually from the disk's properties too via This PC. But in Windows 10 and Windows 8, Microsoft hides important details about the disk check if it runs before Windows has booted. Here is how you can view the detailed results of the disk check.

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