How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically rebooting for update installations

Windows 10 is configured to install updates automatically out of the box. This change is highly resented by many users of Windows but Microsoft does not relent and continues to force updates and not give choice to selectively download and install them. Some editions of this OS do not even allow the user to change Windows Update settings. You might notice that it performs an automatic restart when updates are installed at a particular time. This can be a really annoying thing if you had no plans to restart your PC and were busy with some important stuff. It can reboot while you are watching something on YouTube, or doing some important online transaction. Fortunately, it is possible to change the OS behavior and prevent Windows 10 from automatically rebooting for update installations.

Avoid accidental and automatic shut down or restart with ShutdownGuard

Microsoft has always allowed applications to shut down or restart Windows programmatically. Installers of various desktop apps, or the apps themselves as well as various Windows components such as Windows Update can automatically shut down or restart your PC on demand or on a schedule.  If you do not like this behavior, thankfully, Windows has a way to avoid it. Using a simple, third party tool called ShutdownGuard, we can stop automatic shutdown, restart, and logoff without affecting manual ways to do it.

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