How to Set Transparent Background for Cortana

Yet another change has been spotted in Windows 10 build 15014. Now you can make Cortana's search box background fully transparent. Once you enable this feature, it will follow the color of the taskbar.

Here is how Cortana looks out of the box.Cortana Default Background In 15014

And this is how it looks when transparency is enabled.

Cortana Transparent Background

To set the transparent background for Cortana, you need to apply a Registry tweak. Open Registry Editor and go to the following Registry key:


Set the DWORD value named Value to the desired level of transparency. The default value is 60 in decimals. 0 means fully transparent. 100 means completely opaque (white background). I will set it to 0.

Cortana Enable Backround Transparency

Repeat the same under


Now, I suggest you to change the text color of Cortana to white. See How To Enable White Text in Cortana (Search Box).

Restart Explorer and you are done!

As I said above, it will follow the taskbar color. A few more examples.

Cortana Transparent Background Pink Cortana Transparent Background BlueMany thanks to Chris (@evil_pro_) for sharing this information!

That's it.


4 thoughts on “How to Set Transparent Background for Cortana

  1. Ish

    Does this not work with April update 1803?

  2. Ish

    Is this not working in April update 1803?
    Putting it to zero made it black not transparent. and there is a white line on top of the box.

  3. kuba

    Not working after April 2018 update.

  4. Darth Agnon

    Could you add this as an option to Winaero Tweaker for Win10 up to v1709?


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