How to Set Time Zone in Windows 10

Windows 10 supports setting a time zone for the PC clock. The time zone is a region of the globe that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. Time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions because it is convenient for commercial areas close to them to follow the same time. During installation, the OS asks for the time zone. Here is how to see the current time zone and change it if required in Windows 10.

Similar to Internet Time (NTP), the time zone can be set automatically in Windows 10. By default, the time zone is set to the manual option and follows the user preference made during installation. There are a number of ways to change the time zone. You need to sign in as Administrator before proceeding.

Set the time zone in Windows 10 in Settings

To set the time zone in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Time & language - Date & time.Settings Date And Time
  3. There, see the option Set time zone automatically. Enable it if you would like to get the time zone configured automatically by the operating system. Otherwise, disable it.
  4. In the Time zone drop-down list, select the time zone you live in.Windows 10 Set Time Zone
  5. Finally, enable the option Adjust for daylight saving time automatically if required.

Alternatively, time zone options can be configured with the classic Control Panel app or in the command prompt.

Set the time zone in Windows 10 in Control Panel

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Go to the following section:
    Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region


  3. Click the icon Date and Time. The following window will appear on the screen:date-and-time-classic-applet
  4. Click on the Change time zone button and select the actual time zone value.Windows 10 Set Time Zone Control Panel
  5. Enable the option Adjust for daylight saving time automatically if required.

Set the time zone in Windows 10 in the Command Prompt

To configure the time zone in Windows 10 in the command prompt, you need to use the console tool tzutil. It comes with Windows 10 out-of-the-box. Here is how.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  2. Type or copy-paste the following command to see the list of available time zones:
    tzutil /l

    Windows 10 List Available Time Zones

  3. To see the current time zone, type the command
    tzutil /g

    Windows 10 Cmd See Timezone

  4. To set a new time zone, execute the command
    tzutil /s "Pacific Standard Time"

    Windows 10 Cmd Set Timezone
    To disable Daylight Saving Time adjustments, a special suffix "_dstoff" should be specified. The full command looks as follows:

    tzutil /s "Pacific Standard Time_dstoff"

That's it.

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  1. Yvan

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