9 thoughts on “See the ethernet or wifi adapter speed in Windows 10”

  1. Or: Right-click Start button, select Network Connections. Much quicker way to get to the list of network adapters.

      1. Sad but very likely, when can they realize an universal UI for all type of devices is not an ideal idea, as the traditional users with mouse and keyboards will reduce productivity a lot…

  2. What if I need to limit badwidth to slow speed? I want to set it to cosume not more than 100 kbps of internet channel. It is possible to do in Windows 10?

  3. To Make it more simple Go to Run(Win+R) Type in Ncpa.cpl and press enter
    After that double click on the Wlan/Lan Option

  4. Works fine except when it doesn’t. The link speed only shows you what it can CURRENTLY go up to. This speed depends on three things:

    1) The ethernet adapter on the computer.
    2) The ethernet adapter on the router/modem/whatever device you’re connecting to.
    3) The ethernet cable itself.

    So if you take a computer with Gigabit ethernet in it and you connected to a really OLD router or modem that uses 10Mbps Ethernet, you’ll see 10Mbps as the link speed. If you connected the computer to a router with Gigabit ethernet but used a Cat-5 cable, you’d get 100Mbps as the link speed. So if you’re wanting to find out what the computer is capable of (not just what it’s currently limited to) you’d have to look at the device in device manager. Go to the Advanced tab and select the Speed and Duplex property to see what speeds it CAN get under ideal circumstances.

  5. I have a Dell 15 – 3000 with SSD. My CenturyLink 1gig service is producing 900 plus at the end of Ethernet cable.
    The Ethernet goes into and Anker dock station. Then a USB connects station to laptop.
    The tests show my download speeds from 300-500 and upload speeds from 600-850. The CenturyLink test connected his computer to my Ethernet and got 800 + up and down.
    When I connect my Dell to Ethernet directly speeds drop to 95 up and down.
    Any thoughts

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