3 thoughts on “Run any app from Ease of Access button on Windows 10 login screen”

  1. 20170911 0238 UTC – tried above with osk.exe On Screen Keyboard but did not work. Using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 1703 OS Build 15063.540. i did a ‘Create System Restore Point’ and i exported the Registry to have a Backup before using RegEdit to add the subkey utilman.exe and i set the debugger value to: C:Windows\System32\osk.exe. i then signed out of my admin account and after the Lock Screen got to the Login screen, the Ease of Access was there in bottom right of screen, but nothing happens when clicking on it. So then i Restarted the computer, not Shut Down, i did Restart computer. Same effect = nothing when clicking Ease of Access button on Login screen. Any help would be apprecieated. is it because of CU version 1703 15063.540 ? info: the sysWoW64 osk.exe does nothing. When in System32, clicking osk.exe does bring up the On Screen Keyboard. info only. Thank you for your great work, the community appreciates you !

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