10 thoughts on “Remove User Account Picture From Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

    1. Josh Stickler

      Yeah, same for me. Of course that means every other instance of the avatar is also transparent, which is not optimal but not too big of a deal. Weird. Anyway, great directions, this looks much better!

  1. Jozsef

    This is very useful because of the unfortunate fashion of forcing user images to be circular because it’s very difficult to find a picture of anything that doesn’t look awkward in that shape. The ability to get rid of it completely makes that sign in page look much better.

  2. Sohel Ahmed

    at 100% it works fine but when i am changing Display Setting> Scale and Lay out to 125% or 150% it does not work. Any more idea?


  3. Mocha

    Works like a charm after following group policy step!
    For curiousity I resized the User-192.png to 48px and replaced the user-48.png to disable the ones at the bottom left, surprisingly that worked too (on 1809 LTSC).
    Sadly Open-Shell displays the default image now, but that’s not a big issue as I can hide it instead.
    Thank you Sergey!


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