Redstone 2 will officially become Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703

New information has become available about the upcoming feature update for Windows 10. Currently known as Redstone 2, it seems it will be officially called Windows 10 version 1703 "Creators Update".

devices-windows-10-redstone-2Windows enthusiasts had observed several mentions of the name "version 1703" in build 14946. This led many to believe that this would be the final name of the upcoming release.

Version 1703 indicated that Redstone 2 would be out by March next year, the 3rd month of 2017. See the following screenshot of the Group Policy editor app:



The Redmond giant today confirmed this information during the October 2016 Windows Event:

Microsoft named the upcoming release as Windows 10 Creators Update and confirmed the release date. They also announced some new 3D technologies which will be introduced with the upcoming feature update:

- Virtual Reality (HoloLens will create a "hologram" out of 3D pics)
- 3D drawing in Paint 3D
- 3D in PowerPoint
- 3D emojis
- 3D scanning into Paint 3D
- ability to export creations from Minecraft into an online studio at Remix3D, export them to Paint 3D or 3D printed
- Remix3D community is available as an import source in Microsoft Office applications, enabling users to add 3D models and animations to presentations and other documents.

The creations can also be viewed in 360 degrees from Microsoft's Hololens AR headset.

HoloTour, a new app that lets you explore and interact with places and cities around the world.

Microsoft is also bringing Bitstream audio pass-thru with Dolby Atmos support to Xbox Blue-ray with Creators Update.

Do you like the given name of the update? Are you excited by announced changes? Tell us in comments.


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