Quinto Black CT v3.6 is out with new features, now comes with an installer

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A new release of the popular Quinto Black CT skin for the good old Winamp player is available. Version 3.6 is the first release that comes with an installer that allows choosing the skin components. Besides the installer, it also includes a number of new features and fixes.

Winamp is one of the most popular media players available for Windows. It's also one of the oldest ones. From my personal experience, it is one of the most versatile and feature-rich media players, has an enormous variety of plugins and skins available and is stable enough for every day use.

Winamp is still loved by a huge number of users. Many people continue to create nice skins for this classic media player.  One of them is PeterK, who is the author of the popular Quinto Black CT skin.

The skin may exceed your expectations with the visual customization it provides. It brings a variety of widgets, and a huge number of options you can tweak.

For instance, using its GUI you can customize the color of almost anything you see on the screen.

The skin supports two modes. The first one is 'Modern Skin', which includes a number of visual enhancements.

There is also Classic Skin mode:

You can switch between them in skin's configuration window.

There are plenty of other cool things to explore and try.

Quinto Black CT is definitely one of the best skins ever made for the classic Winamp player.

Quinto Black CT v3.6

Quinto Black CT v3.6 features the installer. The author has created it using NSIS, so now the user can select or deselect all the skin components that he would like to have on the desktop. Prior to this, the skin was loading the entire package during Winamp start: Main Player and 17 additional components. By installing only select components you can improve the player and the skin performance!

If you forgot to install a component, you always can double click the skin's exe file and run the installation once again. Other changes include:


- added:    rating stars to ALBUM COVERFLOW
- added:    time display to ALBUM COVERFLOW (see in context menu of this window)
- added:    album year to NOTIFICATIONS
- added:    keyboard shortcuts to "About Quinto" (Alt+A) window and "Configuration" (Alt+C) window, which are used more often
- changed:    ALBUM COVERFLOW is now resizable
- changed:    streaming cannot be saved as bookmark in TRACK'S BOOKMARKS anymore
- changed:    COVER ART and EQUALIZER are now in context menu
- updated:    TIPS AND TRICKS
- fixed:    switching between "Time Elapsed" and "Time Remaining" using keyboard shortcut CTRL+T or via context menu works now

The Quinto Black CT skin is created by PeterK., who is known for his high quality skins for the Winamp app. While the Winamp application is not getting updates for several years, it still has plenty of users. Many of them are making new skins. Quinto Black CT is one such skin. It is a modern skin (*.wal) which utilizes all the rich features of Winamp's skin engine.

Download Quinto Black CT

You can download the updated Quinto Black CT skin from here:

Download Quinto Black CT

Here are some technical details you might find interesting.

Skin Name: Quinto Black CT v3.6
Author: PeterK.
Type: Modern Skin
File Extension: exe
SHA-1: DACDB4EF49D517F2F8045B0F89561539A27562BC
Size: 4.42 MB

Many thanks to the author for sharing this skin with Winaero. All credits go to him.

According to the author, the future of the skin now depends on Radionomy and what they are going to do with Winamp. We will all see it in 2019.

There is an official forum thread for this skin HERE.

Tip: If you need to download the Winamp app, check out these links:

Feel free to share your impressions about this skin in the comments!

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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