Change Focus Assist Priority List in Windows 10

Focus Assist (formerly Quiet Hours) is a standard feature on all mobile operating systems and it is part of Windows since Windows 8.1. When enabled, notifications are suppressed. If you are doing something important like giving a presentation or something urgent where you don't want to be distracted, you can enable Quiet Hours. In this post, we will see how to change the Priority list for Quiet Hours in Windows 10.


Starting with Windows 10 Build 17074, the OS includes an improved Focus Assist feature. It is extended with prioritized notifications and automatic rules. Microsoft describes it as follows:
  • Focus Assist (Quiet Hours) will automatically turn on when you are duplicating your display. Never get interrupted during presentations again!
  • Quiet Hours will turn on automatically when you are playing a full screen exclusive DirectX game.
  • You can set the schedule that works for you so that Quiet Hours are always on when you want them. Go to Settings >Focus Assist to configure your schedule.
  • Customize your own priority list so that your important people and apps always breakthrough when Quiet Hours are on. People pinned to your task bar will always break through!
  • See a summary of what you missed while you were inFocus Assist.
  • If you’re using Cortana, you can also have Focus Assist turn on while you’re at home.

The priority list allows specifying which notifications are allowed to appear during Focus Assist Quiet Hours. Notifications from whitelisted apps and contacts will appear on the Desktop. Other notifications will be suppressed and will appear only in Action Center. Here is how to change the Priority list for Focus Assist Quiet Hours in Windows 10.

Change Focus Assist Priority List in Windows 10

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to System - Focus Assist.Quiet Hours Windows 10
  3. Click on the link Customize your priority list under Quiet hours on the right.Quiet Hours Customize Your Prioiry List Windows 10
  4. On the Priority list page, click on the Add People button to always receive notifications for certain contacts during quiet hours. Note: Contacts pinned to the taskbar are whitelisted automatically.
  5. Click on the Add an app button to specify apps which will be allowed to show notifications during quiet hours.Quiet Hours Priority List Windows 10
  6. To remove an app or contact, select them in the list and click on the Remove button.Quiet Hours Priority List Remove App

That's it.

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