Microsoft Edge Dev 102.0.1245.3 allows adding a saved password manually

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge 102.0.1245.3 to Insiders running the Dev channel browser. Some of its new features may be useful to enterprise users. For example the ability to maintain a custom IE mode list in Settings. On the consumer side, users can now add a saved password manually right in the appropriate section of the Settings tab.

Windows 11 Build 22616 enforces Microsoft Account requirement in Pro edition

Microsoft today released Windows 11 Build 22616 to the Dev and Beta Channels. It now requires you to enter your Microsoft Account details when installing the OS for personal use. This change has been first introduced in build 22557, and now the requirement is enforced.

Microsoft opened sources for the classic 3D Movie Maker app from 1995

Microsoft has open-sourced 3D Movie Maker, a program that allows kids to create movies. The app allows placing 3D characters and props in pre-configured environments, as well as adding sound effects, music and dialogue. The company released app's C++ sources under the MIT license.

Xbox May firmware update ads QoS for traffic and Stories on mobile

Microsoft has announced the release of the Xbox May Firmware Update. It is available for both the Xbox Series X and S and the entire Xbox One family. This update adds support for Quality of Service (QoS) traffic priorities. It will keep the network running efficiently under the load.

PowerToys 0.58 is here with ARM64 and core improvements

Microsoft just released a new stable version of PowerToys 0.58. It is focused on improving ARM64 compatibility, where it now runs natively. The legacy WebBrowser component is now ditched for the modern WebView 2. PowerToys is now built exclusively with .NET framework 6, and its Settings are now using WinUI 3.

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