How to disable the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox

Firefox 19 comes with a built-in PDF viewer. It looks like this:

Although I like this new feature, because it works fast and looks smooth, you might want to disable it for whatever reason (for example, if the full PDF is not rendered perfectly) . Read below to see how.

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Rumor: Microsoft has switched to NT 6.3 kernel in Windows 8.1

According to fresh rumors, Microsoft has switched to kernel version 6.3 in the upcoming update to Windows. Windows 8's successor's screenshot has been leaked to the public by the famous underground WZor team:

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How Task Manager calculates “Startup Impact” of Apps

If you are a Windows 8 user, you must have observed that the new Task Manager has a Startup tab to manage applications loaded at startup. It includes an interesting "Startup impact" column:

I would like to explain to you what exactly the "startup impact" values mean and how they are calculated for every application.

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Configuring language settings in Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft has "re-imagined" the Language settings Control Panel. The most notable changes have been made to the way users switch input languages and to the Language Bar. Even some power users have been having issues with configuring language settings and have been asking me for help when they moved to Windows 8. So, today I will share several tips to make your life with configuring languages on Windows 8 easier.

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