Opera Receives Weather Forecast on Start Page

A new feature has landed in the developer version of Opera 69. Being based on Chromium 83, the browser introduces the weather forecast on the Start page.

Opera 69 Weather Forecast

The forecast widget is enabled by default. It comes with its own flag, opera://flags/#weather-on-startpage, and can be customized in settings.

Enable Or Disable Weather Forecast on Start page

  1. Download Opera Developer from HERE.
  2. Install the browser.
  3. Open a new tab. You should see the weather forecast widget by default.
  4. Open Settings (Alt + P), and find "Start page" on the right.
  5. There, you can customize the widget, or remove it from the Start page.Opera 69 Weather Forecast Options

Enable Or Disable Weather Forecast Feature

  1. Open Opera 69 Developer.
  2. Copy and paste the flag URI in the address bar. This: opera://flags/#weather-on-startpage.
  3. Enable the flag to have the widget, and restart the browser.Opera 69 Weather Forecast Flag
  4. Otherwise, set the flag to Disabled, and restart the browser.



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  1. Fox

    Useless function. Annoying.


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