Opera 62: Make Speed Dial Tiles Bigger

A new developer build of Opera 62 is released today. Version 61.0.3268.0 includes a fix for the Telegram sidebar app, along with a new Start page option.


The official announcement highlights the following changes:

In this update you can find a fix to the crash at logging out from the Telegram sidebar app. We also added “Use bigger tiles” option to the Settings page and removed unused components from Easy Setup and the navigation bar.

Bigger Speed Dial Tiles

Here is the default size of Speed Dial tiles in Opera 62:

Opera 62 Def Tiles

With new option is enabled, they appear as follows:

Opera 62 Bigger Tiles

The new option can be found under Settings (Alt + P) \ Start page. Scroll down the right side to the Start page section and turn on the Use bigger tiles toggle options.

Opera 62 Enable Bigger Tiles

Other changes

  • DNA-75307 Icon refresh [Mac] Make it possible to easily use PNG images from resources
  • DNA-75997 opera_autoupdate.exe ran from scheduled task doesn’t sent information about product edition
  • DNA-76359 Closing dev tools scrolls page to top
  • DNA-77084 Backport cache control fix for external suggestions to O60 stable
  • DNA-77149 Add redirect from old chrome://startpage/extensions to new chrome://extensions
  • DNA-77252 Pre-fill auth cache with Freedom proxy credentials
  • DNA-77290 [mac mojave] not possible to minimize Opera if it’s inactive application
  • DNA-77368 EasySetup’s styling in different languages breaks
  • DNA-77459 Requests bypass Freedom proxy in some NetworkService process crash cases
  • DNA-77481 [Mac] Use views for permission revoke popups
  • DNA-77522 Add “Use bigger tiles” option to Settings page
  • DNA-77701 article.css is parsed 50 times when loading the start page
  • DNA-77703 Embedded fonts on startpage takes 35 ms to parse
  • DNA-77707 Remove unused Easy Setup components
  • DNA-77710 Remove NavBar components
  • DNA-77785 [WinLin] Address bar icons – ugly highlight
  • DNA-77860 [Mac] [dark mode] Missing line under address bar
  • DNA-77862 [Mac] Recover button on opera:update problems with clicking
  • DNA-77948 Handle mojo connection errors in Freedom classes
  • DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
  • DNA-77984 Move quality to opera_components
  • DNA-78016 [Windows] Confirm quit dialog has a wrong title
  • DNA-78037 Crash at base::Time::Explode(bool, base::Time::Exploded*)
  • DNA-78055 Memory leak in PrefProviderTest
  • DNA-78059 Missing dependency on theme_default_generated in theme_views.h
  • DNA-78060 Caret is not visible in ctrl+f search field
  • DNA-78068 FilePathWatcher destroyed on the wrong sequence
  • DNA-78071 Enable opera://conflicts
  • DNA-78081 [Mac][Lin] Sidebar menu button doesn’t work
  • DNA-78082 Unexpected shadow on extensions page
  • DNA-78090 [Mac] Browser crashes when logging out from Telegram sidebar app
  • DNA-78091 [WinLin] Icon refresh – Replace all default-visible icons on toolbar
  • DNA-78118 Investigate how error-prone will checking the schema version against the schema contents during build time will be
  • DNA-78160 Use-after-free in BrowserCommandsTest.ExportBookmarksDoesNotCreateFileWhenUserSelectsCancelOnSaveAsDialog
  • DNA-78217 Change disposition from NEW_BACKGROUND_TAB to NEW_FOREGROUND_TAB
  • DNA-78241 Wrong number of open tabs and windows are displayed in warning dialog

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