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Opera 58: Open New Tabs By Middle-Clicking on Tab Bar

The team behind the popular Opera browser released a new developer version of their product. A new developer version 58.0.3111.0 of Opera is available for download. It features a couple of new improvements, including the ability to open a new tab by middle-clicking on the tab bar.

The official change log describes the new feature as follows:

As many of you have requested, we’ve implemented opening a new tab by middle-clicking on a tab area. Now you’re able to open or close a tab using the middle-click. The difference is just where you middle-click in the tabs bar:

  • On a tab to close it
  • Next to a tab (in the empty space) to open a new one

Besides this change, Opera 58 features a new Speed Dial wallpaper.

Important fixes in this release:

  • Suggestions in search bar are visible now in dark mode
  • Pop-ups opened in full screen mode open in new tabs
  • Keyboard shortcuts are again displayed for options in menus
  • It’s possible to change the wallpaper from SD’s context menu again

Download links

The complete change log

  • DNA-64913 Enable #reborn-communicator-show-permissions on all streams
  • DNA-70499 Crash at opera::ExpandViewEmbedder::ShowWidget()
  • DNA-71109 [Mac] Permission request is blocked after first dismissing of permission dialog.
  • DNA-72234 anchor tip missing from address field dialogs
  • DNA-72454 Refactor old updatechecker logic to fit new mechanism of performing updates
  • DNA-72508 Show wallet address in ‘connected’ state
  • DNA-72624 Compose strings for yandex zen news consent dialog
  • DNA-72644 extension desktop capture does not work properly
  • DNA-72710 Netflix special styling
  • DNA-72783 [mac mojave] snapshot shortcut gets hijacked by system one
  • DNA-72827 [Dark mode] Suggestions in Search bar not visible
  • DNA-72834 Show balance in ‘connected’ state
  • DNA-72837 Cancel pending transaction when starting a new one
  • DNA-72856 [Mac] Popups opened in full screen mode open in new windows instead of new tabs
  • DNA-72858 [Mac] Last opened tab opened when opening new tab from file menu
  • DNA-72889 Do not create mojo binding for web3 object if it is not needed
  • DNA-72944 Implement new text on warning dialog designed in DNA-72943
  • DNA-72948 [Win] Shortcuts not shown in menus
  • DNA-72955 Fix EthereumProvider to work with mulitple interfaces in frame/multiple frames
  • DNA-72963 Externalize news configuration to Start Page component
  • DNA-72987 [macOS] Wrong folder group/other permissions in packages
  • DNA-72989 Create Desktop News library at build time
  • DNA-72993 Fix listening to correct events
  • DNA-72997 Remove ‘pending transaction’ phase
  • DNA-73001 opauto BrowserClosing.testMultipleTabsDialog fails
  • DNA-73005 [Mac] Unable to quit browser after canceling exit from a warning popup
  • DNA-73029 Delete #recover-news flag
  • DNA-73030 Make background worker messages more generic
  • DNA-73031 Use resources from CDN specified in the config
  • DNA-73042 [Mac] WebRTC-related double implementation log spam in browser tests
  • DNA-73047 Determine zen columnCount from window width
  • DNA-73049 Tell user that the address is copied
  • DNA-73060 Go back to connected state when signing / transaction has been completed
  • DNA-73074 Change Wallpaper from SD’s context menu is not working
  • DNA-73080 search popup is not shown in restored tabs
  • DNA-73082 News config fetched when news is disabled
  • DNA-73084 Focus is set on address field after opening links from Gmail
  • DNA-73089 Tidy up news settings
  • DNA-73096 Store network & local currency in preferences
  • DNA-73100 Crypto Wallet /notify-devices request’s content has bug
  • DNA-73107 Mojo bindings broken
  • DNA-73115 “Copy Address” button text not properly aligned
  • DNA-73118 [Win/Lin] Implement new tab opening by middle click
  • DNA-73126 WP1 – Start page elements state (enabled/disabled)
  • DNA-73135 [Win] Crash reporter can’t be disabled when browser runs with custom profile folder
  • DNA-73139 Total balance of wallet does not fit in the window frame
  • DNA-73153 ContextInfo written improperly after DNA-73051

Source: Opera

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