Opera 56: Partner bookmarks opt-out

The team behind the Opera browser released a new developer version of their product. A new developer version 56.0.3023.0 of Opera is available for download. It features various improvements made to the usability and stability of the app.


Now it is possible to assign hotkeys to commands “Reload all tabs” & “Duplicate tab(s)” .

Windows and Linux users can report bugs in an easier way thanks to the “Report an issue” option added to the O-Menu. You will find it under the Help section.

Opera 56 Report Issue

Finally, the most important change of this release is the ability to get rid of the partner bookmarks.

You can also check out the new flag – Partner bookmarks opt-out, which lets you switch off sponsored content in bookmarks on bookmarks bar and Speed Dial. It’s disabled by default but if you enable it, you will no longer receive sponsored content there.

In this build, Chromium was updated to version 69.0.3486.0.

Other changes include:

  • CHR-6941 Update chromium on master to 69.0.3486.0
  • DNA-69487 Image alt text is included in copy buffer
  • DNA-70590 Per-frame task runners in //media
  • DNA-70636 Reorganize O-Menu to help users report issues directly from Opera
  • DNA-70640 Add new shortcuts for “Reload all tabs” & “Duplicate tab(s)”
  • DNA-70673 Non active tab become highlighted when closing other one
  • DNA-70768 “X” in last tab disappears on hover
  • DNA-70814 Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times
  • DNA-70849 Move Navigator ExecuteCommand functionality to BrowserCommandController
  • DNA-70853 Serve SVGs instead of PNGs for logos
  • DNA-70857 [Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable
  • DNA-70878 Crash at net::URLRequest::OnCallToDelegateComplete()
  • DNA-70903 [Mac] Anchor sometimes incorrect
  • DNA-70921 [Mac] Crash when dismissing permission dialog and reloading page
  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-70927 Final polishing of the About page
  • DNA-70952 Enable site isolation for O56+
  • DNA-70963 Move opera CommandId outside opera namespace
  • DNA-70966 Crash at PermissionManager::GetPermissionStatusForFrame(ContentSettingsType, content::RenderFrameHost*, GURL const&)
  • DNA-71015 [Mac] Centralize code that computes popover preferred edge
  • DNA-71020 Crash at base::DictionaryValue::Iterator::Iterator(base::DictionaryValue const&)
  • DNA-71030 Align the Flags page with the styleguide
  • DNA-71033 Remove kFeatureNewExtensionsKey flag
  • DNA-71044 DCHECK failure when installer run with –uninstall switch
  • DNA-71060 Ctrl+Shift+F searches all files in DevTools but doesn’t work if Flow is enabled
  • DNA-71063 Margins missing in survey
  • DNA-71067 Add missing util.js dependency
  • DNA-71070 Tabs – Reload in context doesn’t work
  • DNA-71073 Change default font size on About page
  • DNA-71078 Per-frame task runners in video pop-out code
  • DNA-71080 error message in about page after update check time out
  • DNA-71092 Some mouse gestures don’t work
  • DNA-71093 Add hovered and pressed states to close button
  • DNA-71101 Remove Instant Search hints
  • DNA-71102 [Win] After creating some new tabs on Speed Dial and then switching to them, Speed Dial is empty (only Google search is visible).
  • DNA-71122 [Mac] Startpage button disabled on internal pages
  • DNA-71128 Incorrect font color on Settings page in Dark Mode
  • DNA-71136 Remove kFeatureImportFromOpera
  • DNA-71143 Use styleguide variables for font sizes and weights
  • DNA-71144 Add gradient background to installer
  • DNA-71152 Resize installer window according to the new design
  • DNA-71155 [Mac] Address drop down has no content
  • DNA-71219 Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery

Download links

The download links can be found here.

Source: Opera

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