Opera 54 is out, here’s what’s new

The team behind the Opera browser is releasing version 54 of the product. It is a modern web browser with interesting and exclusive features. This release comes with improvements made to the Speed Dial feature and Update and Recovery.

The updated Speed Dial page includes news along with the ability to add your own feeds. Fifty news articles will be shown below your regular Speed Dial folders. You can customize the news language and their categories. Categories include arts, business, entertainment, food, health, lifestyle, living, motoring, news, science, sports, technology and travel. More than 40 country and language sources are available, and you can also select more than one to receive a variety of news content.

Stable54 News 1240x775

Also, the browser allows easier resetting of the browser options. It features a special command in the O-menu.

The official announcement describes the change as follows.

Every time a new version of Opera is available, you’ll be informed about it with a red dot (as it was before) visible on the O icon. In addition, there will be an “Update & Recovery” option visible in the O menu* (or from Opera in the menu bar for Mac users). This will open a page where you can check for an update yourself.

Opera 54 Update Section

While the reset button is available in the settings of the browser, now it is easy to access it with a couple of clicks.

For reference, see the following article:

Opera 54: Update & Recovery Options

Download Opera 54


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